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This website provides information on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) compliance within the Corning Subbasin and provides updates on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) development.  SGMA Factsheet

The Corning Subbasin is located partially within Tehama County, and partially within Glenn County. It is generally bounded by Thomes Creek to the North, Stony Creek to the south, the Sacramento River to the east, and the western edge of the alluvial aquifer at the base of the Coast Range to the west.

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Planning Process

  Planning Process and Decision Making  

Corning Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Planning Process and Decision-making

The Tehama County Flood Control and Water Conservation District serves as the Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) within the Tehama County portion of the basin. The Corning Subbasin GSA, within the Glenn County portion of the basin, is composed of multiple agencies through a Memorandum of Agreement. The two GSAs in each County signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a coordinated GSP for the Corning Subbasin.


Corning Subbasin Decision Making Structure for

GSP Development


Tehama County Flood Control and

Water Conservation District GSA

  • Tehama County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (Governing Board)

  • Groundwater Commission (Advisory)

Corning Sub-basin GSA

  • Glenn County

  • Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District

  • Monroeville Water District


Corning Subbasin Advisory Board




  • Make advisory recommendations to the Members concerning development and implementation of the GSP

  • All decision-making authority resides with each Member's governing bodies



Tehama County Flood Control and

Water Conservation District GSA

  • Bob Williams, Board of Director, Flood Control and Water Conservation District

  • Steven Gruenwald, Grower, Capay

  • David Lester, Groundwater Commissioner


  • Ian Turnbull, Member of the AB3030 TAC for the District

Corning Sub-basin GSA

  • Grant Carmon, Supervisor, Glenn County Board

  • Brian Mori, Grower, Stakeholder Representative

  • Julia Violich, Board Member, Monroeville Water District


  • John Amaro, Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District

Memorandum of Understanding

to jointly develop the Corning Subbasin GSP

For more information on both GSAs, please visit their respective webpages, below.
Corning Subbasin Advisory Board

Purpose of the Corning Subbasin Advisory Board

The two GSAs have agreed to form a Corning Subbasin Advisory Board to advise the two GSA Boards on the development and implementation of the GSP. The CSAB membership includes members from each of the participating agencies.

The purpose of this Agreement as described in the Memorandum of Understanding is:

  • To develop and implement a single GSP;

  • To cooperatively carry out the purposes of SGMA;

  • To develop, adopt, and implement a legally sufficient GSP for the Basin in order to implement SGMA requirements and achieve the sustainability goals outlined in SGMA;

  • To coordinate basin-wide public involvement and stakeholder outreach and engagement in developing and implementing the Corning Subbasin GSP; and

  • To maintain mutual respect for the autonomy of individual Members and preservation of each Member’s separate legal authorities, power, duties and rights as separate public agencies and GSAs.   


  Development of the Groundwater  

                Sustainability Plan                

The County of Glenn received funding through a Department of Water Resources Proposition 1 grant and hired a consultant team led by Montgomery & Associates to develop the GSP. The consultant team is working closely with the CSAB and the GSAs' staff on the following steps:

  1. Gather and review groundwater and other applicable data to develop foundational elements of the GSP.

  2. Convene the CSAB to make recommendations to the two GSAs.

  3. Review and develop an integrated hydrologic modeling tool for water budget development.

  4. Provide technical presentations on the groundwater data and modeling to the GSAs and CSAB to inform their decision-making.

  5. Convene Public Workshops to gather public input on initial interests and concerns for GSP planning and later, gather public input on sustainable management criteria, proposed management actions, among other topics.

  6. Draft sections of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan and provide to the CSAB for review and recommendations to the two GSAs.

  7. Gather public comments on the Draft GSP and consider if/how to address those comments in the Final GSP.

Draft GSP Sections

Draft GSP sections will be posted here when ready, for CSAB and public review. Public comments on draft sections will be taken during CSAB meetings; written comments will be taken in the Fall of 2021, during the public review period for the full compiled Public Draft GSP.

Your Input

  Providing your Input  

  • To join the Interested Parties list to receive notifications of meetings,

If you have property or live in Glenn County,

Email Glenn County SGMA:

If you have property or live in Tehama County,

Email Nichole Bethurem:

  • Attend the Corning Subbasin Advisory Board meetings

Corning Subbasin Advisory Board meetings will be held monthly and are open to the public. At these meetings, the technical team will present updates on GSP development and the facilitator and CSAB will solicit stakeholder input.

  • Attend Public Workshops

The Project Team will host two GSP workshops in early October 2021 to provide an overview of the Draft GSP to Corning Subbasin stakeholders, receive feedback on the Draft GSP, and provide information on how to provide written comments to the GSAs. More information will be posted when available.

  • Provide comments on Draft GSP sections when they are posted and ready for public comment.

  • Contact GSA staff:

Tehama County

Nichole Bethurem


Glenn County

Lisa Hunter


Glenn Colusa Irrigation District

Thad Bettner

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